Before you tell me what is true, tell me what is truth.   Two thought revolutions have disrupted our understanding of our most common knowledge terms. To find common ground, we must go beyond the truth of our declarations to the warrantthat permit us to judge them as true.

My Argument in Brief

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  1. Thank you for this feast for my mind! A Sociologist at heart (though not by degree or profession), I read with great interest, “My Argument in Brief”. As I began my reading, I was excited by what you had to share and considered your “argument” thought-provoking and very relatable and informative.

    By nature, someone very interested in people, their unique personalities and perspectives and the “why” of the choices we each make, I found this piece very illuminating and educational! Giving attentive consideration to your words, I consider this writing to be very insightful and TRUSTworthy. 😉 😊

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