Religion and Truth     When we examine religious claims to truth and goodness through the lens of warrant, we find a paradox in the nature of revelation.

The Fragility of Religious Authority     Why religious war? This is why.

Theology’s Cloud of Unknowing     The issue of immanence and transcendence reveals interesting questions about any effort to justify religious truth claims.

The Problem of Metaphor in Religion     Literal vs figurative. How the effort to explain religious truth by means of figurative language must end in further confusion.

Religionists Fighting the Wrong Battle     A response to a Catholic philosopher’s attack on determinism.

The Latest Creationism Debate     Commentary on the Youtube debate between evolutionist Bill Nye and creation science thinker Ken Ham.

Can Religious Belief Be Knowledge?   Belief cannot be knowledge. Can it produce knowledge?

C.S. Lewis, Religious Knowledge, and Belief     A half-hearted defense of C.S. Lewis’s approach to religious knowledge.

Tao and the Myth of Religious Return     Seven reasons why nostalgia for religious authority is a serious error and a careless juxtaposition of modernist and postmodernist means of warrant.

Theocracy and the Commandments     An attack on theocracy.

Divine Justice     Investigation into the difficulties of calling God to account and the impossibility of doing otherwise.

Must Religion Retreat?     A defense of belief without knowledge.

Religious Knowledge as Mobius Strip  A flat rejection of the possibility of correspondence religious knowledge.



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